Autumn is getting stronger, AOQUN administration department organized the planning of the “Golden Autumn Tour”. Travel is the way to provide employees with a more comprehensive benefit. It is not difficult to do once, but do annually. We insisted to organize the tours for 8 years.

We walked from work position to nature and felt the nature’s beauty on the morning of November 17, which shows the harmony and unity between man and nature.

We have carefully selected four sceneries for tour. Firstly, we traveled to famous attractions South China Temple in Shaoguan. As the old saying goes, “Spiritual sincerity is the spirit,” we devoutly prayed for our parents, and pray for those who have given helps and guidances in our journey of life.


Secondly, the Yunmen hill glass bridge allowed us to see the magnificence of architectural design, realize the true meaning that “can not do without only think, dare to challenge in order to break the ourself”. At that night of the tour, we stayed at the five-star Palace Hotel and Spa and organized a warm birthday party to greet our AOQUN family for the birthday peoples of November.

1 2 3

The first stop-Yunmen Hill glass bridge


Brithday Party

The next day, our enthusiasm for traveling continued unabated. The third stop was held at the Lai Palace Hot Spring Hotel to promote “team collaboration” and “team lions” development activities. With the exciting of the activities and the competition among the teams, their teamwork cohesion broke out, and two team awarded of “Team Collaboration Elite” and “Team Lion” praises.


The picture shows the “teamwork elite” team


The picture shows the team won the “Lion” team


For the fourth stop, we traveled to Mount Danxia, the first world natural heritage in Guangdong. The magnificent nature made us return to nature and feel the vitality that the universe gives us. At the same time Danxia Mountain “Iron Ladder” has steep terrain and the steep peaks. AOQUN families climbed the mountain peak with infinite courage and faith courageously.




The picture shows the men group “the king of mountain peak”

In the journey, everyone laugh, filled with exuberant youthful vitality. Travel not only brought us the physical challenge, but also bring us a spiritual wealth, to experience the mystery of life journey, let us grow on the way, learning on the way, be strong on the way.


After returning to work, we gathered at the company to honor our top performing partners and traveling teammates with certificates, bonuses, and prizes. There are cash prizes, paid vacation coupons, etc.


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