Model Number M02


door brushM02 条刷规格图

Fastening Wire Material

Stainless, Iron, Steel

Pedestal Plate Material

Stainless, Electrolyzed, Galvanized

Aluminum Holder Size

7.3mm X 7.3mm X 25mm

Thickness 1.00mm )

( 0.105 meter/kg )

Matching Brush

A: 4.5mm  B: 4.7mm H: 5-260mm

Filament material: PA,PP,PE,PET,plant and animal hair,abrasive mateial,carbon membrane

Filament diameter: φ0.05mm-φ2.0mm

Filament color: black,white,transparent,colorful,etc

Filament shape: straight,flowering,crimped,cross

Filament funciton: anti-static,conducting electrostatic,flame retarding

other choice



Type H A B L Bristle Material Hair and Aluminum Color Fire  Prevention  Static-free

 H type 

   mm    mm    mm    mm Nylon/PP/Animal hair/ Customized  Black/Customized Yes/No  Yes/No 

 F type 

   mm    mm    mm    mm Nylon/PP/Animal hair/ Customized  Black/Customized Yes/No  Yes/No 
 T type 


Customized Customized Customized Customized Black/Customized Yes/No  Yes/No 
Please send us Door Brush specifications of  H, A, B, L, Bristle Material, Color,  you also can send us Door Brush drawing and mark with your size requirements, we will send our quotation to you timely and deliver products within 10 days.

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