The Plan of A Year Lies in Winter, and the Year Comes in Spring- AOQUN Make Sail in 2018

Guangzhou AOQUN Brush Industry Co., Ltd is the professional brush manufacturer with the fast development speed, strong comprehensive strength and high-end customers. We have an unquestionable belief in the sustained growth and development of enterprises, we know the necessity of learning and charging. As the saying goes: One year’s plan is in spring. But for us, one year’s plan should be in winter. Winter is the best time to plan for the coming year. Later, the plans should be carried out in an orderly manner at the beginning of the year. Hubei Qunyi the 155th integral points system management operation courses was held in Hubei Qunyi Industrial Park on 28th of November 2017. AOQUN’s CEO, Liu Xuanzhen, together with the company managers went to Jingmen to learn the Chinese points system management, as to push AOQUN to make sail in brush industry. With a thirst for knowledge, they devoted themselves to learning during the three-day learning process. After class, they each expressed their own opinions and made active learning and discussing the implementation plan of “integral point system management” until 1-2 am. They unanimously decided to set up point system management team and planned to hold the first meeting of the management team on how to implement integrated point system management on December 5, 2017. The points management system is a quantitative assessment of people’s ability and comprehensive performance with points and deductions. The purpose is to mobilize people’s enthusiasm in all aspects and to convey appreciation and recognition. It is an innovation mode that makes management easy and staff happy. At the same time, Hubei is supervisor Tan’s... read more

Flame-retardant Brush Seal Strip Made by AOQUN-Make Perfection More Perfect

I believe that every company have ever received customer complaints, including AOQUN. A few days ago, we received a complaint from the customer of Australia. It is the problem that the flame-retardant brush seal strip cannot be mounted in the extra-long aluminum profile.In response to customer complaints, AOQUN immediately began to analyze and research. AOQUN has records for every production process, thus we can track the whole process from raw material to shipment. We analyzed the possible problems quickly and asked the customer to send us the defective flame-retardant brush seal strip for analysis. The customer approved our quick feedback and sent us the defective flame-retardant brush seal strip. After receiving the defect flame-retardant brush seal strip, we compare the tolerance, size, appearance, performance analysis of the customer sample, and confirm the defective products are not AOQUN products. Our customers listen to our analysis and said: “This defective brush is for other suppliers. I am deeply apologized for bringing AOQUN troubles. Let me show you the following picture for comparison: 1.Compare from the tolerance. A. The customer required the total height of the flame-retardant brush seal strip is 100mm, but the defective brush is 107mm. However, AOQUN’ total height tolerance is +0.5 mm, -0.0mm.Wow! Do you see the total height comparison? The total height actually exceeds 7mm. B. Our customer required the flame-retardant brush seal strip diameter is 0.4 mm, the defective product is 0.25 mm. AOQUN brush diameter tolerance is ± 0.02mm. Defective Product: The picture shows the defective product tolerance 0.15 mm AOQUN Brush: The picture shows the AOQUN brush diameter tolerance is ± 0.02mm C. Our customer required... read more

The Strip Brush Seal Complies with 3 High-quality Tests – Apply to All Over the World

We communicated with the world’s famous brands of seal brush industry from Australia this year. Our professional sales consultants have offered a strip bush seal solution after understanding our customer’s requirement. We have made strip brush seal sample and send to our customer. Later, we received a good new that our strip brush seal has complied with 3 high-quality tests after testing by the third party detection institution. The strip brush seal passed the UV aging test; The strip brush seal passed the high temperature test of at 200 ° C for 30 minutes without deformation, the shrinkage rate is less than 5%; It should passed the UL94 flame retardant test AOQUN strip brush seal has not only complied with the strict tests, but also custom new pressure rollers for production, and to print clear writing on the 3.6 mm wide electrolytic plate with the joint efforts of R&D department, technical department and production department.Our customer is very satisfied with our strip brush seal. He doesn’t need to worry about the product quality, delivery any more. The customer approval, the steady and continually reorders are the best proofs of our good products and... read more

The Development of the Industry can Never Digress from the Pursuit of Nylon Brush Strip Quality!

Guangzhou AOQUN Brush Industry Co., Ltd is the professional brush manufacturer with the fast development speed, strong comprehensive strength and high-end customers. We have established a long-term cooperation with many international well-known enterprises, such as Schindler, Kone, CRRC, ThyssenKrupp, Hitachi, Fangda, etc. Besides, CRRC and Fangda are the leader enterprises in railway industry, who have occupied over 50% railway projects of the railway industry annually. With the rapid development of society, there will be more and more investment for the trains and subway. The screen door of the high-speed train should choose the high quality nylon brush strip to be more effective without affecting the train running. I will introduce you the following requirements of the nylon brush strip for the screen door.1.Recommended to use the flame retardant nylon brush strip: because when lit it, it will have the non-toxic white smoke, halogen-free, no drop, extinguish when away from the fire, and it passes through the UL-94 flame retardant test; 2.Then nylon brush strip should meet the ROHS environmental protection heavy metals 6 items, 10 items and EU SVHC highly concerned substances 169 detections; 3.The nylon brush strip filament should be smooth, neat, has uniform thickness, no pressure scars, no bend brush filament, no abnormal light leakage; 4.The brush tension should be greater than or equal to 5KG. it will not deform or lose filaments after 100 million times back and forth friction... read more

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