Vacuum Brush

吸尘器毛刷29The superiority of our products 

1.Process improvement of brushes, which to prevent sparseness, shedding, drop off.

2.Brush bristle uses nylon yarn with characteristics like high flexibility, strong elasticity, wear-resistant, conforms to the technical standards of EU RoHS,while with characteristics like inflaming retarding, static-free, No radiation, non-toxicity, low smoke, low calorie!


Specification: Bottom width: 2.2 mm to 15 mm
Side height: 2.2 mm to 15 mm
Overall height: 5 mm to 260 mm
Tightening wires: stainless steel wire, iron wire and steel wire Foundation: stainless steel plate, electrolytic plate and galvanized sheet Applicable brush: copper and steel wires, hair of pig, horse, sheep and other animals or plants

Brush material: PA,PBT,PP,PE,PET,PVC Brass ,steel wire,animal wool

Brush diameter: 0.08 mm to 1.2 mm With regard to copper and steel wires, the maximal diameter is 0.5 mm; as for animal hair, the maximum is 1.5 mm.

Brush shapes: straight, ripple and irregular shapes
Brush functions: antiflaming, static prevention, UV and negative ion protection.

Efficient and accurate process, acn produce base on confirmed drawings, incoming samples from customers.



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